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Our entire jib crane line is structurally designed in accordance with the AISC Steel Construction Manual, OSHA Specification 1910.179 and ANSI Specification 830.11 as they apply to jib cranes. All Jib Cranes have a design factor of 15% of the allowable capacity for host weight and 25% of the allowable capacity for impact.

Fabrication Standards

All welding is in accordance with AWS D14.1 and is performed by certified welders. All holes in steel with bearing loads are either punched or drilled.

Material Standards

All structural shapes used are a minimum of ASTM A-36 designation. All pipes are structural grade ASTM A-53 and all tubing is ASTM A-500. All plate and round bar has minimum yield strength of 36 KSI.

Painting Procedure

All structural components are shotblasted and/or washed utilizing a high pressure/high temperature iron phosphate solution prior to painting. A conventional air assisted airless paint system is used to apply a high solids industrial baking enamel which is cured at elevated temperatures inside an industrial oven. Some pre-assembled components (example: Work Station Crane end trucks and hoist trolleys) are powder-coated finish.

Deflection Guideline

Consider both deflection and stress. The difference in elevation of the track between an unloaded crane and a fully loaded crane; measure in inches. L=support center distance. Jib Crane Outlet tends to have stricter deflection guidelines than others in the industry because we consider both deflection and stress. Typical design guidelines are L/150 for wall cantilever, free standing and mast type. Not all designs meet these guidelines as many are L/150 or better. Wall bracket (tie rod) are L/450.

AISC Steel Construction Manual
OSHA Specification 1910.179
ANSI Specification 830.11

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